Websites of the month:
These websites may be resources parents can use to support their children’s learning at home, or resources we are using in class throughout the year. I hope you enjoy!

Fisher Price online games to play with your child:)


Unfortunately you may need a VPN to access this wonderful sight full of interactive games and stories for your children. Enjoy!!!!

More great videos, games, and activities for your preschooler:)
Fun Brain Junior
This website has more great games, printables and stories to play with your children:) Enjoy having fun learning at home!

January & February:
More free games and activities to do with your young one. Enjoy and have fun on the computer over the holidays!

This website has a variety of free games, coloring pages and activities all about Christmas. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this holiday, it is a fun way to reinforce some of the vocabulary we will be learning this unit. Enjoy!

This website has a variety of games, resources, and activities for your child to do on a computer. We will begin to use it on very cold winter days, to practice our reading and letter awareness, songs, and math skills for a different kind of fun at school.

This website has a variety of resources to use both at school and home to help children transition into the new routines, rules, and interactions around others at school. There is a quick link to Tucker Turtle resources. We have been using the Tucker Turtle strategies as well as the scripted stories such as ‘ I Go to Preschool’ and ‘What Do we do in Circle’. Feel free to check out Folder 9 Home Kit, to see suggestions on supporting your child at home.